Hey guys, I know this is not the type of stuff I usually post here but I want to put this somewhere where the right people will find it.  I don’t want to sell this bike to some rando on eBay or Craiglist.  I’d rather sell it to someone who knows what the bike is and has the proper expectations for it.

I bought it in 1996 as a “barn find”.  Since then, I have restored it (dumped money into it) here and there.  The list of mods is just silly but let me try to summarize a bit.  The work I’ve done on it is mostly old (5-10 years) but has not seen much use.  I would guess that in it’s current state, the bike and motor has less than 200 miles on it.
Engine Work by Craig Hansen:
* .50” overbore pistons
* port matching
* port polishing
* over sized valves/regrind
* custom grind camshaft
Also has a copper head gasket


Work by Twinline:
* repainted fenders and tank
* reshoed brake pads
* Hagon adjustable rear shocks
* updated turn signals, head light
* clubman handlebars
* Bridgestone 2.50-18 45L Tires
* Takasago Rims
* Mikuni Carbs
* new chain and sprockets
* chopped straight pipe exhaust
* Updated ignition coil

* Shorai lithium battery and charger
* many many many more things I am forgetting

The bike is loud, strong, and pretty fast for what it is.  The biggest problem the bike has is that some oil leaks from the head.  It doesn’t seem to be very much though because it’s never really down when I check it.  This bike could be taken further.  There are more projects.  For instance, the frame could use a repaint someday (maybe?).  It could probably be tuned better by someone who knows what they are doing with it.  The seat could be recovered and perhaps the mirrors and tail like could be modernized.  They are a little pitted but I left the old stuff on there because it gave the bike a unique and interesting look.  It’s fairly unmistakable when you spot it.
The bike will come with a random bunch of odds and bobs including many motor parts.  It could be raced but it would need different exhaust and it’s a bit of a cheater.  It’s probably better left as a street bike.  The electric starter still works great and it fires up quickly with a little choke.


The bike is located in the Seattle area.  It’s a 50 year old collectors item and has had $10,000 dumped into it.  Obviously it’s not worth anywhere near that price but bring me a fair offer.  I don’t care to ship it.