The Electrohome G07 is a simple monitor…  At least that’s what I keep hearing and seeing.

As simple as it is however, I have not had a lot of experience with the G07.  The majority of my experience has been with 1990’s computer monitors and more recently 1990’s arcade monitors such as Wells Gardner and similar.  Compared to the later monitors, the G07 is completely foreign.  For instance, the horizontal output transistor is mounted off of the board on a heatsink.  It’s insulated from the heatsink to keep it from grounding out because the outer case of the transistor is one of the conductors BUT, this conductor does need to go to something so Electrohome uses a bracket with a wire on it that the mounting screws go in to.

The problem I had ran into was that NTE had included additional insulators in their replacement transistor kit.  I had incorrectly assumed that more insulating is better.  The problem being that it broke electrical contact from the heatsink AND the back bracket which resulted in an open circuit, no high voltage and a dead monitor.

This is a cautionary tale.  The last 3 monitors I have not been able to fix and needed additional help on were due to improperly mounted HOT’s.  Some day I’ll learn this lesson.

Another note about the G07, the hot may appear to test as shorted because of an internal diode.  Always make sure to test from the pins to the case.  Testing between the pins looks like a short.

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