MA-309The MA-309 is the same as the MA-216 without the SC-01a speech chip and support circuitry installed. It was used in the System80 pinball machines Super Orbit, Royal Flush Deluxe, Amazon Hunt, Haunted House, Spirit, Krull, Goin’Nuts and video game Mad Planets. It will also work with ROMs from Mars, Volcano, Black Hole, Devil’s Dare, Rocky, Striker, Q*Bert’s Quest, Caveman and video games Reactor, Qbert, Krull, Three Stooges  although the speech feature from this game will obviously not work. If someone implements the SC-01a in HDL then adding the support logic is trivial.

This code works as-is on the cheap Alterra Cyclone II dev boards available on eBay for $20 or so.  Hook up a PS/2 keyboard to it and you can trigger the sounds with it.  Disable/remove the PS/2 code and this should plug straight in to one of the real machines listed above.


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