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This is a Bally AS-2518-51 sound board, the predecessor of the Squawk & Talk implemented in an FPGA.  This is set up with the ROM for the 1978 pinball Nitro Ground Shaker but other ROMs are available.

Some general info about the hardware
This one is interesting because it uses a AY-3-8910 sound synthesis chip to generate all the sounds rather than driving a DAC directly from the PIA. It’s got a bit of a different sound as a result.

It has not been tested in an actual pinball.  Currently it is set up to plug in a PS/2 Keyboard that will allow you to trigger all of the sounds.  Some keys are repeats, others are blank, it was just a quick hack.  The PS/2 hack is in the top level file and easy to remove which would theoretically allow you to wire this up in a real pinball.

The target board for this is the very economical Altera Cyclone II dev board.  They are all over eBay for less than $20.

Here is the code:


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