I’ve been meaning to review the SecuraBit podcast for a long time but the most recent episode(Episode 67: We’re all gonna get HAX!) pushed me to do it.  Their format is fairly informal and that has sometimes led to what they refer to as a “SecuraBeer” episode where everyone talks over each other and the topics drift into the gutter but SecuraBit has been REALLY stepping up their game lately and delivering some excellent content.  I would said pretty much everything in 2010 has been great.  They focus on malware forensics, reversing and several other topics along those lines.  I’m glad that I stuck it out with them and kept listening because an earlier review would have been unfair.

That being said, EVERYONE needs to listen to episode 67.  Everyone who uses a computer at all for anything at home, at work, or wherever should hear what there guest, Roger Grimes, has to say about antivirus software, patching, embedded systems and all of the fortune 10,50, 100 & 500 companies of the world.  The message is fairly grim but it boils down to antivirus NOT being a magic bullet.  Roger also mentions how fake antivirus is the number one source of infection that he encounters.  He goes on further to talk about Mac OS X and people’s blind ignorance when it comes to OS X security. He refers to Charlie Miller winning the “Pwn to Own” contest at CanSecWest:

Roger takes a minute towards the end to plug his own favorite operating system, OpenBSD.  Even if you don’t understand some of the things Roger is talking about at the start of the interview, stick it out.  He starts speaking in very plain English towards the middle and the message is something that everyone needs to hear and anyone should understand.

I’m looking forward to many more well-picked interviews on SecuraBit.  It seems that they have finally found their niche.

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